Evil Regals in capital - disaster!

26. srpna 2015 v 9:48 | Evil panda Launa & Evil panda Lissea

Stand up Evil Regals!

And it happened... We were in Prague. Two Evil Regals in their Evil Regals t-shirts and Evil Regals on their hands. Yea! It sounds very dangerously!
We were in botanical garden and there were full of big butteflies! It was amazing! But Lissea was a little bit scared of them.

Lissea got suddenly SMS from her granny. "You got a package from Benešov"
Lissea: ,,What? From who? Where's Benešov?" It was funny because she didn't know what it can be... But she found out what is it. It was from Juliet! That jewels! She know. :-)
We were exited about that and looking forward to home.

I have better idea! That walls should stay away from me!

Than we left garden and went to Palladium - shopping centre. That's our favourite place, we love it there! We ate some wrap - delicious! :3 And Lissea wrote some messages to Juls. But signal of WiFi was so bad. :D
We went to the book shop - Luxor and watched some books. Lissea got credit on her phone and we both set off to meet some friend in the underground. But...
We couldn't find each other! It was extremely bad because we gave it up and returned to Palladuim. But she (That friend) was on another place waiting for us! So we came back and finaly met her an hour after time we should meet.
So we sat in KFC with drink and talked about everything. Especialy about The Hobbit and Lord Of The Rings - we also love it and she too.

We went to Starbucks after that meeting about bought some cappucino. Launa took name "Lana" and Liss "Vendi" because that's her nick on another blog. :-)

my coffee

When Lissea arrived home she saw that B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L jewels from Juliet! *.* That's amazing! Thank you for everything! Bookmark - <3!!! Love it so much! :-)

And this is the end (in fire and we all should burn together)
Thanks for reading and see ya later! :-)


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1 Juliet Rocks Juliet Rocks | Web | 27. srpna 2015 v 15:00 | Reagovat

Oh, such a great article! :3 I´m so pleased that you liked it! :))) Really, your joy just made my day! ♥ Anyway - it sounds as a cool trip! :) And I love Starbucks! :D :)))

2 Juliet Rocks Juliet Rocks | Web | 27. srpna 2015 v 16:51 | Reagovat

Jop a už vím, na co jsem zapomněla! Ta fotka té cesty mi ale neuvěřitelně připomíná tu z Regininého snu, jestli si pamatujete, jak se jí zdálo o setkání s Robinem, a pak se tam objevila jako Zlá královna a byl boom! :D

3 Evil panda Lissea Evil panda Lissea | Web | 29. srpna 2015 v 12:08 | Reagovat

Ah, thanks Juliet! :)
Yep! I know what place you mean! :-)

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