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18. listopadu 2015 v 15:56 | Evil panda Lissea
Evil Regals, tremble! I've got something... The biggest thing on this blog!

Today was a horrible day. I had really bad mood whole day. But suddently - before last class - something happened... My mum texted me.
,,You've got a letter from USA. Mum"
I didn't know from whom can it be... I was thinking and... Suddenly I realized that only one person from US I've ever sent a letter is... LANA! I started shouting through whole class. Some of my classmates were worriyng if I'm okay.
So yes, I've recieved a letter from her!
I was running home and that I opened it. I was so exhausted, I couldn't take my breath! With signature I felt on coach and almost died! :-D
So happy for one sign! ^^
THANK YOU LANA! Emotikona heart Emotikona heart Emotikona heart Keep dreaming

Simply amazing day

Follow your heart because it always knows

That's our queen! We adore her for the end of life and even then! We love her more than pandas love bambus! ^^


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1 Juliet Juliet | Web | 23. listopadu 2015 v 16:32 | Reagovat

I´m so so sooo happy for you! :))) Finally we both have our part of fairytale, thanks to Lana!!! ♥♥♥

2 Evil panda Lissea Evil panda Lissea | Web | 25. listopadu 2015 v 19:46 | Reagovat

[1]: Yes, it's amazing, just love her <3

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