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Panda Liss is here again! She just arrived from a holiday and she is full of energy that must be pulled out from her body! Which would be quite complicated cause she
s not willing to. xD And she has a new article for you Regals and Oncers! Today I've prepared new DIY for you! Well I got the inspiration from Juliet and I fell in love with this creativity! So I've decided to share this excellent idea with all of you today!
These are the ex. books we made for ER project - ER are MAD which I'll explain later.

And here you can see the majestic apple tree named Julie. Planted for our sweetie Wool Grill <3

You know maybe you've noticed us giving this exercise books for free some time ago. Well this was in Lana's honour. For her birthday which were yesterday! Happy birthday Lana Parrilla! Anyway we made a few exercise books and send them to another Oncers and Evil Regals. I think we made a good thing for project Evil regals are MAD - there is gonna be made a book with all of the good stuff ER made in Lana's name for world! And one more thing is that we - Launa, Me and Juliet planted an apple tree for Lana as well. :) I'll notice you when Lana gets the book - I really hope you and her like it!
And now let's get started with DIY!


1st Step
Find an empty exercise book - the best is A4 format but you can also do bigger ones.

2nd Step
Cover the ex. book with paper. Choose the colour of do the collage - your choice

3rd Step
Print the pictures you wanna use on the ex. book.

4th Step
Glue all the pictures you want on the paper. Arrange is like you want and like. :)

5th Step
And now it's done! It's easy, isn't it? It takes so short time and after that you have so special and unique ex. book no one else has! And it costs you minimum money.
Write in it, draw in it, use it at school - do whatever you want!
Look at mine and get the inspiration.

Hope you liked my and Juliet's DIY!
And wishing late happy birthday to Lana Parrilla! Hope you enjoyed your sword fighting day as much as you could! Looking forward to seeing Regina having a sword fight! So exited about S6! <3 Love you Lana!

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1 Juliet Juliet | 26. července 2016 v 21:02 | Reagovat

Sice teď už nejdou vidět, ale když šly, tak byly nádherné!!! ♥

2 Lissea Lissea | Web | 26. července 2016 v 21:42 | Reagovat

[1]: Děkuju, Juls. Nevím, co to zase dělá... Hlavně že jsi je zastihla :)

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