Golden Queen thoughts

4. října 2016 v 15:21 | Evil Panda Lissea
Tak nakonec to tu dopadlo úplně jinak. Mám tu menší review na jisté scénky z 2. episody šesté série.
Obecně, tahle epizoda byla úplně nejlepší! Celkově, double Lana s bombastickým hraním, za které by si zasloužila Oscara nebo Emmy nebo něco takového. Dále flashback s EQ! A všude byla Evil Queen a Regina!
Bože, já teď už opravdu nevím, které z nich mám fandit víc. To je hrozně těžký. Regina je sweetheart a to všechno, ale EQ je zase tak HOT a evil, že ji nejde nemilovat a má božská gesta a všechno! ARRGGG! Já se nemůžu rozhodnout, ale budu muset, budou se totiž chtít zničit - už chtěj. ;)

Takže zde je menší review těch GQ scének! Ale bacha, je to v ájině, dlouho tu už žádný English article nebyl, takže jsem se rozhodla dát sem něco. (Psala jsem to totiž i na svůj tumbrl a nechtělo se mi to překládat. :D) Takže se omlouvám těm, kteří nebudou rozumět... Jsem líná překládat to. xD

Výsledek obrázku pro once bitter draught photos

BACHA! Pokud jste striktně anti Golden Queen tenhle článek se vám nebude líbit! prosím odejděte HNED! A žádný HATE prosím, jenom říkám svůj názor. ;)

Now when I'm a bit calmer than yesterday I can finally put down something about that that actually makes at leats a bit of sence or smt like that.

Well. As you know (or if you don't know you can predit it if you have ever been to this tumbrl page) I freaked out. Seriously I was soooo mad and it remains and will probably last for some time. I wasn't expecting so much GQ scenes! I thought it would be smt like their previous scenes like just Rumple taking Gina's coat or some cute talking with giggling (and ever that was HOT for me) but THIS was something!!!!

So it was quite a shock. I just calmly watched the scene where Gina was fighting one of her guards. Of course I admired her but I was mostly laid-back. But! When Monte Christo dissapeared and I heard Rumple's voice I shrieked! It was quite surprising. Well and when he came closer and closer to the Queen I freaked out and more and more when he smelled her neck! Like that was weird and creepy but I was stupidly giggling and had a mischievous smile on my face.

I was NOT okay. Definitely not.

And then! The second scene came and I thought I was gonna decease at that moment. On my chair. xD But,.. I didn't. As much as I felt dead I was maybe even more alive! I was utterly sure what was gonna happen but I was till quite flustered.

And then she came to him, grabbed the coin and in that moment it was clear. She wanted more. And she expresses that in the most HOT way ever!!! My eyes were widely open and so was my mouth. I gazed on the screen and followed every single scene of it. I can't express my feeling properly cause that's just impossible right now.

SO! The ties will not be the same for me ever from now! Their meaning now changed for me.

Alright after both two scenes I had to stop the episode for a while and take a deep breath. For I moment I doubted about the quote Lana once said: "You are where you need to be just take a deep breath". I couldn't. :D

And after all of this I continued but Rumple and Regina's relationship will never be the same again for me. Like I always knew they have some more seductive past with some erotic context but it was just a poor wish or idea. Till yesterday. Yesterday all the things have changed. What if we celebrate this day as the national day of GQ? :D

This episode made me feel diferently about OUAT for ever. But in a good way! It's been a year long waiting and begging for some perfect GQ scenes. And today I finally got my food! My poor shipped heart is starting to be fed up! It not so poor anymore. That's the real shipping - I actually never shipped anything before. Cause I never felt like this. I wasn't prepared to almost die for my OTP I wasn't able to sacrifice almost the whole my free time for them. Well I was always able to do that for Lana, just Lana. But when I "shipped" OQ I liked them but it was only liking - no real shipping. Liking. I think it was mostly cause Robin was Regina's happiness and she looked more satisfied when she was with him - I was happy for Gina but Robin… It wasn't real.

Golden Queen is real. My full time OTP. It used to be just tears and pain and knowing they would never have a real pair scene. I thought it. But when they killed Robin off and then Rumbelle was destroyed I started having some sort of deep feeling. Feeling that MAYBE it can be possible. And I was right. Unbelieveable.

And! There's more I wanna say. I don't care about the haters of GQ. I honestly think there are more people who actually liked it! And the GQ fandom is gonna grow and grow! It's naturally sure.

And people who said they had never seen anything betweem R+R. I don't get them! They always had something. It was clear since the episode 2 of the first season! The celle scene started the whole GQ fandom and look where we are now! It an evolution! But we did it! The seasons of waiting they worthed for it.

So this is a bit of my GQ opinion. There's more obviously but I guess I would write more milion words and maybe more and then everybody would get bored so I'll stop here. ;)

And what about your opinions? Even though you're not a GoldenQueen shipped, what do you think about these scenes?



Buď první, kdo ohodnotí tento článek.


1 Katy Katy | Web | 19. října 2016 v 13:52 | Reagovat

Tak jsme se konečně dočkali GQ! :D
My už jsme to spolu probíraly a v tomhle článku jsi to shrnula perfektně, takže "Long live GQ!!!" :D

2 Lissea Lissea | Web | 28. října 2016 v 10:32 | Reagovat

Přesně :D LLGQ


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