Vendy's Freebie list

10. srpna 2017 v 11:12 | Liss
Since I'm going to spend two weeks only among English speaking people I've decided to already make myself only English - if you know what I mean xD Basically! The article will be in English and only English. ;)

You ask why and what a Freebie list is? As my dearest Juliet did this, I'm sort of stealing her idea. :D Here's what it is!
I don't think it needs more explanation. Let just get straight into it.

1. Robert Carlyle

Výsledek obrázku pro robert carlyle 2017

Scottish actor, well known from OUAT, Trainspotting, Full Monty and a lot more!

2. Matt Smith

Výsledek obrázku pro matt smith

British actor, best known for Doctor Who seasons 5 - 7

3. Harry Shum Jr.

Související obrázek

American actor, best known for his roles in Glee and Shadowhunters

4. Lana Maria Parrilla

Výsledek obrázku pro lana parrilla 2017

(I couldn't let go. xD Lana fits in here, in this hot place.)
American actress, best known for OUAT

5. Hale Appleman

Výsledek obrázku pro hale appleman

Tbh it was hard to choose who'll fill the 5th place but I decided for this cutie-pie.
American actor, known from The Magicians

So! This is my Freebie list. I'm sure I would make more if I had time and my nerves weren't racking from stressful packing I'm experiencing right now. Tbh I just really wanted to leave something here before I leave and Juls got me an inspiration. Thanks for that. xx Anyway I'm going to be back and I'd try to be more active, I promise.

See ya soon!

Vendy xx

Buď první, kdo ohodnotí tento článek.


1 Juliet Juliet | 10. srpna 2017 v 23:03 | Reagovat

Loved your choices n. 1, 2 and 4!!! :D IDK the other two. ;) But wanted to ask - did you consider if you are more into the actors or characters from the show? ´cause I have more characters then actors and you have only actors. :D

2 Lacey Lacey | 11. srpna 2017 v 9:11 | Reagovat

Super seznam! :) Nejlepsi je beztak Bobby a Lana :D Ale ten ze Shadowhunters je vazne sympaťák, ze bych kvůli nemu zacala SH sledovat,mmm? :D

3 Katy Katy | Web | 11. srpna 2017 v 14:37 | Reagovat

Říkala jsem si, jestli budeš mít na prvním Bobbyho a nezklamala jsi. :D Ten je prostě nej! ♥️
A Harry a Lana. ♥️
Ty další dva neznám. :D

4 Lissea Lissea | Web | 11. srpna 2017 v 20:31 | Reagovat

[1]: Well! I considered it ONLY actors so if I did it with fictional characters as well... well, that'd require a lot more time xD

[2]: Je hrozně super a Magnuse hraje tak úžasně! <3

[3]: Bobbys musí být, ale popravdě já to nedělala podle žebříčku. Jinak by na prvním byla Lana. :D

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