A Happy Beginning now is ours

7. února 2018 v 13:50 | Vendy

I just felt I had to say something now. Even though it's not the end end but still...

As all of you learned yesterday or today, our beloved show Once Upon a Time has come to an end. When I first read the news, I didn't expect to burst into tears in next five minutes. But that's exactly what happened. I've been sitting at my computer and crying for solid 15 minutes.

This show means a world to me, the absolute world. It's my everything since summer 2015. I remember the day, 4th July 2015, laying on the bed at my cottage in Ledeč nad Sázavou with my computer in front of me. That was the day I started watching OUAT and ever since that, I adored this show. EVERY SINGLE EPISODE. I cried, hoped, loved and struggled with the characters. I tried to understand every single one of them but it wasn't always possible. Slowly I became very passionate about my OTP and later I became a hardcore shipper and it breaks my heart we won't be seeing them any longer. Yeah, there are 12 more episodes in which we can get more extraordinary GQ stuff but still... it's just 12 episodes. And then end. What would I give for a GQ spin-off? I'd sell my soul hahaha!

Once Upon a Time helped me get through rough life situation, it helped me to believe in myself and to have hope. It brought me to fascinating worlds and realms I'd never forget. It changed me, it gave me the most important lessons. It told me that love isn't weakness, love is strength! And most importantly, OUAT introduced me to my biggest idol of all time, Lana Maria Parrilla. And other, of course, Bex, Bobby, Rose and others are also a huge part of my life but Lana... Lana's top, of all time. She's my sunshine, my star, my light in the dark that leads me out of the darkness inside. This and more is Lana Parrilla. Thanks to Lana I now know something about myself I didn't before and I'd probably never learn it if it wasn't because of her. She's my Saviour, my Queen, my Hero, my inspiration.
I genuinely hope she's going to get into something new soon. She needs to develop herself, carry on living the awesome life of hers. And I will always support her, no matter what.

Once Upon a Time also gave a second family. Thanks to an Evil Regal blog I met Juliet and then we met the others thanks to OUAT meetings. The meetings will NEVER end, they'll continue as long as I'm alive. Because the show may be gone but the people in the fandom stay. Sure, some of them might leave now but the most loyal ones, they will stay forever. We will remain, forever.

I knew Once Upon a Time was coming to the end, I was expecting that I hoped I was prepared for that. But in fact, I couldn't ever be ready. The fact that I was crying for such a long time, not to mention what was happening to me today at school, made me reconsider it. I'll never be over that fact that Once is ending, that it's over and there won't be any coming back. It will get better with time, easier. Never easy... but easier.
I remember crying over 3x11, that was my first prober tv show cry. And ever since that, emotions were coming. 4x11 and Ingrid's death broke me to pieces.

When you enter my room, you see OUAT everywhere. Pictures, frames, dolls, quotes, postcards, calendar, drawings, items like the dagger, apples, special boxes. The oncer scent, it's obvious you just entered the room of a hardcore Oncer. Yesterday I looked around my room, saw all those things. And it made me cry. I'm just such a mess right now. I had to leave school earlier cause I was supposed to have a presentation about OUAT and I just couldn't. Every time I looked at the paper, I started crying. I'm a mess, I will be mess for some time now. I'll be fine, I just need time... The void will never be filled but with time it will get better.

Oncers, don't feel ashamed for crying because of the cancellation. Cry your eyes out, do it. You'll feel much better afterward. It helps to have a proper cry. Just let the emotions go.
People might say we're crazy to cry over a bloody tv show! But it's not just a TV show, it's lifestyle, religion, the whole life. Something that is for many people totally senseless. Don't try to justify yourself, they will never understand what it feels like, how much it hurts.

So! Don't mourn forever. We have 12 more episodes and life continues. A Happy Beginning now is ours. Just listen to that song, sing along and feel the words. Feel the moment and the magic. Remember all those wonderful moments OUAT gave you. Once may be over but we are not. We gotta keep going on, we carry on doing what we love. Remember OUAT's strong words about hope and believing in the possibility of a happy ending.

Take a deep breath.
And go out.
See the world.
Live your life.
But don't forget.

I love you all, I can't say how much I do!

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